Education and Training

IATSE-363-Education-TrainingAs industry changes, training and education are critical to the IATSE. Local 363 has comprehensive education and apprenticeship programs.

The IATSE  has developed valuable resources to help locals and members such as LEAP, Infocomm, the IATSE Training Trust, and Young Workers.



LEAP– The IATSE’s Labor Education Assistance Program provides reimbursement money to officers of local unions who enroll in qualifying Labor Studies Programs. For more about LEAP check the  IATSE International website.

INFOCOMM – Audio visual communication technologies are exploding throughout the entertainment and exhibition industries. Trade shows, live performances, sales and corporate presentations, movies, television, theater, and educational seminars are using these technologies more and in innovative ways. This has created a need for more and better trained personnel to install, maintain, and operate the equipment. Seeing the opportunity for its members, the IATSE has entered into a partnership with InfoComm International to provide InfoComm training, benefits, and membership to all IATSE members. For more about InfoComm check the  IATSE International website.

IATSE TRAINING TRUST-It is the mission of the IA Training Trust to make available training opportunities needed by IATSE members to advance in their crafts and job performance.  The IA Training Trust is a result of partnership between the IATSE and Signatory Employers to facilitate and make available opportunities for courses and programs designed to provide employees working under IATSE collective bargaining agreements the opportunity to attain and maintain a level of skill, ability and knowledge in their respective occupations, necessary to meet the ever changing technologies in the entertainment and exhibition industries. For more about The IATSE TRAINING TRUST, check the  IATSE International website.

Young Workers-Inspired by a growing push to engage young union members across North America, the IATSE Young Workers was formed January 2012 to identify young leaders and give our young union members a greater understanding of the responsibilities of leadership. For more about Young Workers, check the  IATSE International website.